drizzytears asked: i wish you would smile dear ♡

My life is just a black abyss, you know, it’s so dark.

And it’s suffocating me.

Grabbing a hold of me and tightening its grip, tighter than a pair of my little sister’s jeans.

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vodkas-haven asked: You look very sick, does everyone just neglect that you kind of need to be hospitalized when you are that frail??

Nah I’m an adult I’m fine. I’ve never felt “frail” - I wouldn’t call it that - nor do I think that I particularly look frail. I’m just kind of here and busted. Most people respect my ability to like, handle myself and trust that I’m fully capable of taking responsibility for all of it because the way I look has nothing to do with anybody else and I’m not anybody else’s responsibility.

The idea of someone taking care of me or something feels absolutely ridiculous because I don’t require anybody’s help. I’ve always been really self-sufficient and even the idea of asking something of somebody else grosses me out. Like, I’m the one who does things for other people. I like it to stay that way. Being seen as like, helpless or a victim or something would be the worst.

For better or for worse I’m the driver of this vehicle and if I feel that the best thing to do is crash it into a fucking tree, I’m going to steer it in the direction of the goddamn tree.

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thedoulalife asked: What are your thoughts on Amanda Bynes?

She looks like a hot dude when she doesn’t have her wig.

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japenish asked: I am doing the collages on paint because I found no other good programe, do you know any? Even if you don't I'd appreciate if you just leave this message on your blog so anyone who knows maybe go to my ask box or something ok bye

Somebody help because the trashycollage tag looks so fucking good right now and it can only get better.

Transparent backgrounds preferred because this thing is going to end up going on clothing that I’m going to wear all the time and it just looks better when there aren’t like, square borders.

Remember the winner will be announced July 10th and get ten bucks, or twelve bucks of stuff from the store, whichever you choose! You can enter as many times as you like and if at the end you just want me to print it on something for you personally, we can do that too. This is so much fun.

agrossr asked: If you had an unlimited budget, and comfort didn't matter (meaning, everything is equally comfortable / uncomfortable / whatever), strictly appearance wise, what designer items would you buy? Could be anything (apparel, accessories, shoes, purses, etc.) or any brand (Juicy Couture, Mulberry, Gucci, Alexander Wang, etc.)

I’m not even sure but I do know that the first thing I’d run out and get is that fucking Balmain FW 2012 collection.


And then probably a lot of Juicy velour tracksuits with the bling J zipper.

And I’d buy up as much vintage Clandestine as I could find.

And lots of really nice badass leather boots. And Uggs. All the Uggs.

Oh and a lot of older Betsey Johnson stuff - like the tea party dresses - and some Lilly Pulitzer because I have to go to my cousin’s grandfather’s 90th birthday - he still acts like he’s in his twenties and it’s insane - at the Country Club and it’s all old southern money and I really want to be able to successfully assimilate myself.

I’d buy a lot of handbags too. Chanel and a couple of Birkin bags (even though I know they’re not as much of a status symbol as they used to be because fucking Kim K has a few), some Vivienne Westwood. I’d probably have to make a new room just for handbags because my taste involves finding the largest bags possible and that takes up a lot of room.

I think I just like wearing trashy clothes with a few nicer pieces so that it really doesn’t make sense.

velocity-love-deactivated201403 asked: Hi hun, I was just wondering if you're gonna have any more of the 'Saint Paris' Hoodies soon? c:

You can get Saint Paris printed on any of the hoodies that are already in the store, and if you want me to get you a custom zip-up (I get them from H&M typically, so they’re more expensive than what’s already there but you can’t beat H&M’s hoodie quality) I can do that too.


perfection, corruption, and infection

Nah that’s just the space between my ankle and my inner foot.

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loliicaust asked: Are your storeenvy items still shipped within US? I'm in Canada and want a creepychan/allison harvard shirt

I ship everywhere! International, domestic, anywhere. So Canada for sure.

fuckingartartart asked: Hi, I really want to get that anchor dress but i was wondering if you still have that discount code, because I'm kinda broke but I really want that dress. Thanks

Yeah! “cstod” is the discount code.

Also I forgot to mention that I’ve got an extra copy of The Simple Life Season One and whoever places an order of $50 or more gets it included as a special thank you.