Also if anybody has a storenvy account my profile is here.

I really like that you can follow your friends and basically look at stuff together by way of “envying” items which show up on your profile and then you can look at your friend’s “envies” and be like I LIKE THAT THING TOO and essentially go long-distance online window shopping/actual shopping together.

Like this is how Haku and I bought lenses together which should be arriving in the mail any day now.

My favorite aspect of going shopping is being able to be all HEY LOOK AT THIS THING THAT I AM LOOKING AT along with SHOW ME THINGS SHOW ME WHAT YOU FOUND.

This is seriously a better site than ebay, etsy, and amazon combined.

I’m constantly so overwhelmed.

  1. samanthamilne said: (*.*) I did not know you could do that!
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